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Forecast result by the authority shows that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020.And as we towards the Networked Society, the opportunities are endless .Imagine a world where anything that can benefit from a connection will have one. Where machine-to-machine connectivity creates new revenue streams and your business can capitalize on the possibilities. Communications Industry is still on its way flourishing. And China is entering its 3G era, mass equipment update is ongoing. Having the right partner will help you grasp the opportunity.


Raytuo sees the promising growth potential in the refurbished/used telecom equipment market. As a multi-vendor supplier with sable and reliable supply channel, Raytuo can ensure you broad hot product in good quality and competitive price. And the ability to offer these products has sometimes made the difference between winning and losing a contract and gain market share as well.


Raytuo’s Channel Partner Program is designed to support your business. By becoming a approved channel partner with Raytuo, you will be able to expand your supply channel and increase your profits – through the products and service we offer. You will be benefit from the partnership that will help your capitalize on new business opportunities – bringing increased revenues and higher level of customer satisfaction .


Are you a potential Channel Partner?

We are looking for Channel Partner that:

Experienced reseller &broker with extensive clientele that install telecom products within our catalog

Integrate telecommunications solutions

Consult on business process


Rautuo always acting as a positive and responsive partner with our core value of respect, integrity, professionalism and perseverance .We have a dynamic and innovative procurement team who use their extensive industry knowledge to source hard to find products and are committed to providing a thoroughly credible and dependable service to our customers .


Is your company interest in gaining a competitive supply chain in China?  Email us, let’s talk more.

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